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The place whereideas are born.

We believe in the digital transformation of industrial, financial and logistical operations as well as performance evaluation through real individual data.

We develop custom apps.

At Entrenovu we understand the complexity of the digital world and provide you accessible tools to elevate your business in it.  

<span style="color: var( --e-global-color-7e4e38d );">Data Analytics Applications</span>

Data Analytics Applications

Monitor and use your data to create effective marketing and social media strategies, generate more prolific leads through AI and machine learning.

Safe and available data cloud storage

Safe and available data cloud storage

A method for storing, retrieving and sharing data that's simple, reliable and scalable with an emphasis on sustainable and secure systems.

Intelligence and Monitoring Systems

Intelligence and Monitoring Systems

BI solutions that enable businesses monitor the most accurate data and transform it into valuable insights to improve data-driven decisions.


Social marketing made easy.

For your marketing department or your own business, Entrenovu elevates your presence on the world wide web through SEO affine websites.

Our services

We build ideas driven by the future.

Together in every stage of the customer's journey.

Custom product development

No matter at what stage your project is, we develop and produce the highest quality solutions and services for all your needs.

Strategy consulting

When it comes to leaving a mark on the web and real life, your brand is what you have. We make the best out of it through our creativity and know-how.

Safe Digital Solutions

Either through our own products, partners' or through putting our customer's vision to paper - sustainability and safety are a priority.

Top tier support

With our team, you'll never be alone. From brainstorming to maintenance, we're with you every step of the way.

You'll love it

Everything you need. One partner.

From design, useful add-ons to custom features, we build softwares according to your needs with the capability to scale up to the increased data volumes of your operative activities.

Build and market your brand.

We do our bit to save the climate.

At Entrenovu we care about our carbon footprint and our customers do too. Reaching their digital and business goals while keeping emissions low is what we aim for.

We succeed using powerful tools & technologies.

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